Advanced Microsoft Project (MS Project) Course

Advanced Microsoft Project (MS Project) Course


Welcome to the Advanced Microsoft Project (MS Project) course! In today's dynamic project management landscape, mastering advanced tools and techniques is essential for successfully managing complex projects. This course is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to leverage Microsoft Project effectively in planning, tracking, and managing projects of varying sizes and complexities. Whether you're a project manager, team leader, or aspiring project management professional, this course will equip you with the expertise needed to optimize project workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve project success.

Course Objectives:

  1. Advanced Features Mastery: Gain proficiency in utilizing advanced features and functionalities of Microsoft Project, including resource leveling, custom fields, macros, and visual reports, to streamline project management processes and optimize project outcomes.
  2. Project Scheduling Optimization: Learn advanced techniques for optimizing project schedules, including critical path analysis, task constraints, and scheduling options, to effectively manage project timelines and mitigate schedule risks.
  3. Resource Management Techniques: Explore advanced resource management techniques in Microsoft Project, including resource allocation, resource leveling, and resource optimization, to maximize resource utilization and ensure project success.
  4. Cost Management Strategies: Delve into advanced cost management strategies using Microsoft Project, including budgeting, cost tracking, and earned value analysis, to monitor project costs, identify variances, and make informed decisions to keep projects within budget.
  5. Reporting and Analysis: Master the art of creating custom reports and dashboards in Microsoft Project to analyze project performance, track key metrics, and communicate insights effectively to stakeholders.

Organization Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Project Management Capabilities: Equipping employees with advanced Microsoft Project skills enhances the organization's project management capabilities, enabling more efficient and effective planning, execution, and monitoring of projects.
  2. Improved Project Planning and Scheduling: Leveraging advanced features of Microsoft Project enables organizations to create more accurate and realistic project schedules, leading to improved planning and scheduling processes and better project outcomes.
  3. Enhanced Resource Utilization: By mastering resource management techniques in Microsoft Project, organizations can optimize resource allocation, improve resource utilization, and ensure that the right resources are assigned to the right tasks at the right time.
  4. Better Cost Control and Budget Management: Implementing advanced cost management strategies in Microsoft Project helps organizations monitor project costs more effectively, identify cost variances early, and make proactive decisions to keep projects within budget.
  5. Improved Decision-Making and Reporting: Creating custom reports and dashboards in Microsoft Project enables organizations to analyze project performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve project outcomes and drive continuous improvement.

Target Participants:

 This course is ideal for project managers, team leaders, project coordinators, and professionals involved in project planning, execution, and monitoring. It is suitable for individuals who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Project and want to enhance their skills to take their project management abilities to the next level.

Course Outline:

  1. Advanced Resource Management Techniques
    • Resource leveling and optimization
    • Customizing resource calendars and availability
    • Case Study: Optimizing resource allocation for a multi-phase construction project
  2. Advanced Project Scheduling Strategies
    • Critical path analysis and task dependencies
    • Task constraints and deadlines
    • Case Study: Creating a project schedule for a software development project with multiple dependencies
  3. Advanced Cost Management in Microsoft Project
    • Budgeting and cost tracking
    • Earned value analysis
    • Case Study: Monitoring project costs and variances for a marketing campaign
  4. Customizing and Automating Workflows
    • Creating custom fields and formulas
    • Automating repetitive tasks with macros
    • Case Study: Automating project status reporting with custom macros
  5. Advanced Reporting and Analysis
    • Creating custom reports and dashboards
    • Visualizing project data with charts and graphs
    • Case Study: Analyzing project performance and presenting insights to stakeholders
  6. Collaboration and Communication in Microsoft Project
    • Sharing project files and collaborating with team members
    • Communicating project updates and milestones
    • Case Study: Collaborating on a project with remote team members using Microsoft Project Online
  7. Advanced Project Troubleshooting and Recovery
    • Identifying and resolving scheduling conflicts
    • Mitigating project risks and issues
    • Case Study: Recovering a delayed project and bringing it back on track


Essential Information


  1. Our courses are customizable to suit the specific needs of participants.
  2. Participants are required to have proficiency in the English language.
  3. Our training sessions feature comprehensive guidance through presentations, practical exercises, web-based tutorials, and collaborative group activities. Our facilitators boast extensive expertise, each with over a decade of experience.
  4. Upon fulfilling the training requirements, participants will receive a prestigious Global King Project Management certificate.
  5. Training sessions are conducted at various Global King Project Management Centers, including locations in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kigali, Dubai, Lagos, and others.
  6. Organizations sending more than two participants from the same entity are eligible for a generous 20% discount.
  7. The duration of our courses is adaptable, and the curriculum can be adjusted to accommodate any number of days.
  8. To ensure seamless preparation, payment is expected before the commencement of training, facilitated through the Global King Project Management account.
  9. For inquiries, reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at +254 114 830 889.
  10. Additional amenities such as tablets and laptops are available upon request for an extra fee. The course fee for onsite training covers facilitation, training materials, two coffee breaks, a buffet lunch, and a certificate of successful completion. Participants are responsible for arranging and covering their travel expenses, including airport transfers, visa applications, dinners, health insurance, and any other personal expenses.

Course Date Duration Location Registration
06/05/2024 To 10/05/2024 5 Days Kigali, Rwanda
03/06/2024 To 07/06/2024 5 Days Nairobi Kenya
01/07/2024 To 05/07/2024 5 Days Nairobi Kenya
29/07/2024 To 02/08/2024 5 Days Mombasa, Kenya
26/08/2024 To 30/08/2024 5 Days Nairobi Kenya
23/09/2024 To 27/09/2024 5 Days Dubai, UAE
21/10/2024 To 25/10/2024 5 Days Nairobi Kenya
18/11/2024 To 22/11/2024 5 Days Nanyuki, Kenya
16/12/2024 To 20/12/2024 5 Days Nairobi Kenya