PMP Exam Preparation Course

PMP Exam Preparation Course


Welcome to the PMP Exam Preparation Course, a comprehensive program designed to equip project managers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to successfully prepare for and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. The PMP certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is globally recognized and demonstrates a project manager's proficiency in leading and directing projects. This course provides participants with a structured and focused approach to exam preparation, covering key concepts, processes, and best practices outlined in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. Through interactive learning modules, practice exams, and real-world case studies, participants will gain the confidence and competence required to excel in the PMP exam.

Course Objective:

  1. Comprehensive Exam Coverage: Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge areas, processes, and concepts covered in the PMP exam, ensuring a solid foundation for success.
  2. Effective Exam Strategies: Equip participants with proven strategies and techniques for tackling the PMP exam, including time management, question analysis, and effective elimination of incorrect answer choices.
  3. Application of PMBOK® Guide Concepts: Enable participants to apply PMBOK® Guide concepts in real-world scenarios, emphasizing practical application and critical thinking skills required for the exam.
  4. Practice Exams and Feedback: Offer multiple practice exams that simulate the PMP exam environment, providing participants with valuable feedback and insights into their strengths and areas for improvement.
  5. Case Studies and Application Exercises: Integrate real-world case studies and application exercises to reinforce key concepts, allowing participants to apply their knowledge to project management scenarios.

Organization Benefit:

  1. Certified Project Management Expertise: Organizations benefit from having certified PMPs on their project management teams, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and ensuring the application of industry best practices.
  2. Increased Project Success Rates: PMP-certified project managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead projects more efficiently, resulting in increased project success rates and on-time, on-budget project delivery.
  3. Improved Risk Management: PMP certification enhances project managers' ability to identify, analyze, and manage project risks, contributing to improved risk management practices within the organization.
  4. Enhanced Project Governance: PMP-certified professionals understand and adhere to a standardized project management framework, promoting consistency and governance in project execution.
  5. Global Recognition and Credibility: Organizations with PMP-certified professionals gain global recognition for their commitment to project management excellence, enhancing credibility with clients and stakeholders.

Target Participants:

The PMP Exam Preparation Course is designed for project managers, team leaders, and professionals preparing to take the PMP certification exam. It is suitable for individuals with experience in project management who seek to validate their skills, enhance their project management knowledge, and earn the globally recognized PMP certification.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to PMP Certification
    • Overview of the PMP certification process
    • Benefits and significance of PMP certification
    • Case Study: Impact of PMP certification on career advancement
  2. PMBOK® Guide Framework
    • Understanding the PMBOK® Guide structure
    • Knowledge areas and process groups
    • Case Study: Applying PMBOK® Guide concepts to project scenarios
  3. Initiating a Project
    • Project charter development
    • Stakeholder identification and analysis
    • Case Study: Initiating a project in a real-world scenario
  4. Planning and Scope Management
    • Project planning processes
    • Scope definition and decomposition
    • Case Study: Developing a comprehensive project plan
  5. Time and Cost Management
    • Activity sequencing and resource estimating
    • Cost estimation and budget development
    • Case Study: Time and cost management in project execution
  6. Quality and Risk Management
    • Quality planning and assurance
    • Risk identification, analysis, and response planning
    • Case Study: Implementing quality and risk management strategies
  7. Communications and Stakeholder Management
    • Communication planning and distribution
    • Stakeholder engagement and communication
    • Case Study: Effective communication in diverse project teams
  8. Human Resource and Procurement Management
    • Team development and management
    • Procurement planning and contract management
    • Case Study: Managing human resources and procurement in projects
  9. Monitoring and Controlling Projects
    • Performance measurement and monitoring
    • Change control and variance analysis
    • Case Study: Monitoring and controlling projects for success
  10. Closing a Project
    • Project closure processes
    • Lessons learned and project documentation
    • Case Study: Closing a project and transitioning deliverables
  11. Professional and Social Responsibility
    • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
    • Social responsibility in project management
    • Case Study: Ethical considerations in project decision-making
  12. PMP Exam Strategies and Techniques
    • Time management and question analysis
    • Strategies for answering different question types
    • Practice Exam: Simulating the PMP exam environment
  13. Capstone Project: PMP Exam Simulation
    • Full-length PMP exam simulation
    • Review and analysis of exam results
    • Case Study: Applying PMP knowledge to exam scenarios


Essential Information


  1. Our courses are customizable to suit the specific needs of participants.
  2. Participants are required to have proficiency in the English language.
  3. Our training sessions feature comprehensive guidance through presentations, practical exercises, web-based tutorials, and collaborative group activities. Our facilitators boast extensive expertise, each with over a decade of experience.
  4. Upon fulfilling the training requirements, participants will receive a prestigious Global King Project Management certificate.
  5. Training sessions are conducted at various Global King Project Management Centers, including locations in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kigali, Dubai, Lagos, and others.
  6. Organizations sending more than two participants from the same entity are eligible for a generous 20% discount.
  7. The duration of our courses is adaptable, and the curriculum can be adjusted to accommodate any number of days.
  8. To ensure seamless preparation, payment is expected before the commencement of training, facilitated through the Global King Project Management account.
  9. For inquiries, reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at +254 114 830 889.
  10. Additional amenities such as tablets and laptops are available upon request for an extra fee. The course fee for onsite training covers facilitation, training materials, two coffee breaks, a buffet lunch, and a certificate of successful completion. Participants are responsible for arranging and covering their travel expenses, including airport transfers, visa applications, dinners, health insurance, and any other personal expenses.

Course Date Duration Location Registration
03/06/2024 To 14/06/2024 10 Days Kigali Rwanda
01/07/2024 To 12/07/2024 10 Days Dubai, UAE
29/07/2024 To 09/08/2024 10 Days Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
26/08/2024 To 06/09/2024 10 Days Nairobi Kenya
23/09/2024 To 04/10/2024 10 Days Nairobi Kenya
21/10/2024 To 01/11/2024 10 Days Mombasa, Kenya
18/11/2024 To 29/11/2024 10 Days Nairobi Kenya
09/12/2024 To 20/12/2024 10 Days Nairobi Kenya